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Web Development

Is your website broken or lacking key elements to help you please visitors?

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It’s important that your website is not frustrating people and making them flee to your competitors.  Have you ever visited a website and become frustrated because something was broken (like a contact form) or it didn’t have a certain feature that you prefer (like live chat)?  Your reaction was probably similar to most people, “I’m out of here.  I’ll find a company that has a better website.”

It’s also important that the website is streamlining your business and making your life easier.  Fancy new features are not going to be of much use to you or your website’s visitors if they complicate or are unsustainable for your business.

We can resolve any broken features as well as help you find the right solutions to please your customers and help your business.

Web Design

Is your website dated, scary, or just plain frustrating for visitors to use?

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After landing on your site, it only takes a couple of seconds for people to develop an opinion about your website (and by extension your company) based solely on the aesthetics they see.  If your website is looks like something from the 90’s, they may instantly leave with the impression that your company is not trustworthy or relevant.  As they say, first impressions are everything.

However, there is more to web design than just a pretty coat of paint.  If your website is hard to navigate and frustrating to use, that is also detrimental to your ability to generate leads and customers with your website.  People will just leave and find one of your competitors.

We make sure that your website isn’t causing people to jump ship.  We provide you with a web design that creates a great user experience all the way around.


Is your website buried somewhere out on the web where nobody can find it?

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What good is a beautiful, amazing website if nobody ever sees it? 

Most people don’t go past page 1 of the search engine results, and almost nobody goes past page 2.  However, SEO isn’t just about ranking high.  You need to make sure your website is not only getting found, but found by the right people. If your a roofing company, it wouldn’t be of much use to get found by people looking for electronics. 

We take the time to analyze your business, your niche, and your market to devise a strategy that will give you the most bang for your buck.

Social Media

Are you looking to get social with your customers?

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Social media is a powerful tool for businesses in today’s world.  It’s a great and inexpensive way to boost your reach, interact with leads and customers, and drive traffic to your website.

We will help you get up and running, and give you some best practices.


Do you want to know if your website is under performing? 

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How can you improve your website if you don’t know how it is performing?

Analytics are a vital tool in any business’ tool belt.  Instead of wasting time with a shotgun approach to making changes, you can find out what specific areas of your website you should focus your attention.

You can also see what content your visitors find most interesting.  This can help you generate new ideas for your business.  Whether it be new content and products, or just what aspects of your business you should market more heavily.

We will make sure that you have the data that is important to you and your business.

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